Monday, September 01, 2008

... the November Election

Now that the election ticket has clear candidates for both presidential and vice-presidential candidates, we can start thinking forward to this November 4th.

You've heard me speak (more than once) about working elections over the past few years. It's something I do with pride, fulfilling my civic duty while having a very real hand in the local election results.

I, along with my team members, essentially count all the absentee ballots in Chesapeake. Our team of 4 can handle a typical election but we all know this November is not going to be a typical election. Therefore, we are currently in the process of recruiting additional team members.

What does it entail? Well let's just start off by saying it'll be a long day. Very long. We're there until each and every absentee vote is opened, counted, and certified. The more of us working, the faster it will go, but it'll still be an all day, late night event.

What do we do? We simply open the envelopes, make sure the voter did what they needed to to make their vote count, and count the votes. Not too hard, but pretty tedious. Lots of checks and balances and procedure going on.

The up side:
We do get paid... not a ton, but it's a nice little check.
We get to participate in democracy.
You get to work with me. ;-)

If you're local, would you consider joining us? If you are out of state, would you consider calling your electoral office and submitting your name as a worker? I hope to see you on November 4th!


Catherine said...

Man, too bad I have a job ;)

Seriously, this does sound fun. I'd be so there if I didn't have to be at work.

btw - I can't WAIT to vote!!!

Michelle said...

Cith! You should totally take off work! Seriously! That's what the other women and I do when we do this... :-)

Catherine said...

You take off from your knitting?!!! How can you afford the time? (just kidding!) :)

Hmmm, I'll consider it. But since I've been flitting all over the country this summer I don't have any more vacation... And of course I want to do more flitting outside of the country soon too...

(Did I already mention how excited I am to vote?!!!)

Jessica Rockey said...

Nanny Cath is voting? How exciting!
I might join you Michelle... sounds great! I'll have to see when the time gets closer... I guess I could put my knitting down for one day?