Monday, November 05, 2007

... the General Assembly Election

For me, November 6th will begin at 5:15am when I raise my right hand and repeat an oath swearing me in. I have been nominated as an Election Officer and assigned the task of counting absentee ballots for the General Election again this year.

It is a long day full of tedious formality and procedure. We are barred from contact with the outside world until after the polls are closed and we have certified and sealed our counts. It is a process I am very proud to participate in.

I hope that your day will include a trip to the polls to take advantage of your right to vote. If you haven't already, please research the candidates and issues for your district. Take pride in your vote, be informed, and vote with confidence.


Kimmie said...

Very cool. I hope you have fun! I'm getting my voting shoes on!

Bethany said...

You did this before right??? I have already voted. I vote absentee all the time. It is tough taking 3 kids to the polls so I love the mail in ballot thing. When they are older I will take them with me to show them but for now this works best. NO waiting in lines with crazy kids.