Wednesday, November 08, 2006

... A Recount

All eyes are on Virginia as one of the two states that hold the key to Senate control. Currently, there are less than 8,000 votes between Webb and Allen, less than half a percent. This causes me to wonder what people in Virginia are thinking today. Primarily those that either didn't vote (maybe they went out to get their nails done and forgot) or those that cast their ballot for the Independent Green Party or a write in such as "my dog zeus" or "none of the above". Do they feel the weight of the power they hold now? Do they wished they would have used it more wisely? With great power comes great responsibility. To whom much has been given, much is required. Whichever way you prefer to hear it, as an American and a Christian, we have great power. I hope that this election outcome prompts people to register to vote, to get out to the polls, and to research the issues and consider carefully the power they hold. Is this an oftentimes overwhelming task? To be sure, however, that it is daunting does not get us off the hook. We have been given great responsibility, let us begin to earn it by voting and voting wisely.

For me, if I believe the papers, I will be receiving a phone call shortly. As a sworn Officer of the Election, I will be called in to recount ballots. I spent my entire November 7th in a locked room processing and counting Absentee Ballots. A job that is far more tedious than glamorous, yet a title that I bear just as proudly as I do my "I Voted" sticker.


Anonymous said...

Oh wow. I didn't know you did that.

I am one of the Absentee Ballots. It is easier for me with kids to make sure I always vote verses trying to stand in line juggling them to do it. But I have never missed an election since I turned 18!! I got Aaron to do the Permenant Absentee voting because he has missed a lot due to travel. So I make sure he votes and I go mail it for him. :)

Va is a tight race. I always give people an earfull when they don't vote and don't really research the issues themself.

Ashleigh said...

I voted by absentee ballot too. So much easier with little kids.

Bethany, how do you sign up to be a permanent absentee? This year I know I had to send something in the mail to get them to send me the absentee ballot, but don't know if it was simply a one time thing that I'll have to fill out for each election.

Anonymous said...

Ashleigh, in California there is a box you can check off on to become an permanent absentee voter and you will remain that way until you contact them or you miss returning your vote in an election. I think you have to check that or it is a one time thing. I got the application in the mail. I think a lot of parties mail them out because people are more likely to vote that way. I don't know.