Monday, September 21, 2009

... Sew Many Projects

What does a group of modern-day crafty gals do when their handmade project list has grown to monstrous proportions? Why, they schedule a sewing get-a-way of course.

And when the lack of funds and shortage of free weekends threaten to squelch the thread and needle... they shorten it to a day and keep host it at one of their homes.

Or at least that's what Amy, Rebekah and I did.

Work hard we did, accomplish much we did not. I was amazed that given an entire day, working solidly from morning 'till night, I was only able to get 1 project done. One. But hey... I had loads of fun doing it. And at least I was able to get Elka's nursing cover mailed in enough time for her baby shower!

She chose the fabric... isn't it beautiful!

Not to be discouraged, I spent the rest of the week completing Joanna's bridal shower gift. It may look familiar since you've seen the other place mats I've made here, here and here. The good news is, I'm getting really good at making these. :)

I was super excited about this fabric. The dishes she registered for are cobalt blue which I think will contrast with the persimmon quite nicely.

And since Jo lives in Hawaii, the flowers add a nice touch too. Well, at least I think they do. If they don't, just don't tell me, ok?! :)

But wait, there's more!

I still had to create the perfect vacation bag. The bag that I'll wear all day, every day while touring Hawaii.

It had to be cute (No shortage of fab fabric to choose from! I chose these two by Anna Maria Horner.)

It had to be comfortable (it slings around my shoulder and hangs right at the perfect part of my hip.)
It had to be reinforced (since the camera is heavy and I'll be carrying it all day, I made wide shoulder straps and doubled up at the top where it sits on my shoulders.)

It had to be the right size for the vacation essentials.

It had to keep the camera safe (Amy suggested flannel interfacing for extra padding and it worked out perfectly. I also boxed the bottom of the bag so it's exactly the same size as the back of the camera.)

It must have a place for everything (I created the pocket sizes and locations based on exactly what I plan on having in each one. The iphone in the front for ease of reach. The wallet in the middle below the magnetic snap so it'd be handy for me, but not for an unwelcome hand.)

Jeff said this bag wasn't a necessity, but I think it was. It's the perfect vacation bag. I'm now officially ready to go! :)


Lauren said...

You wouldn't consider posting a pattern for this bag, would you? :)

Jessica Rockey said...

Michelle! You are SEW fabulous, friend! I'm definitely inspired... I'm actually staring a project of my own... If you have any scraps of you're fabric, I would put them to good use:)

Lizzy said...

you are SEW talented, too! You inspire me, girl!

Libby said...

Ga! I can't believe how talented and industrious you are! Do you ever stop?!!! I am so impressed. Your bag is so cute! As are your placemats, nursing blanket, etc, etc...

Anonymous said...

Michelle, I am quite impressed on how talented you have become in your sewing and your pictures. Luv ya, Mom

Robyn Stewart Marmon said...

could you be anymore are beginning to sicken me michelle :-)
i think your bag is awesome adn you did an excellent job thinking through everything....kudos to you!

Les said...

Will you make me one ?!

AmyB said...

FABULOUS! Everything looks love LOVE the bag, the fabric is, um, fabulous. Wish I had a whole pile of it to roll around in.

anne said...

Uh, yeah...I'm agreeing with everyone else here.
ADORABLE nursing cover!
FABULOUS placemats!

LOVE all the fabrics!!

Nicely done girl!

Elka Vignette Swingle said...

Well, I personally LOVE the nursing cover. =) It is so beautiful, and so practical (I love the panel of terry cloth on the inside to sop up baby's mouth), and something I will treasure, being from my sister-in-law and all. Thanks for the surprise, was so fun to get to open it at my shower and show it off to everyone and brag on you a bit. =) I'll be using it in 3 days!
- elka