Wednesday, September 02, 2009

... Kiptopeke

Just one 18 miles bridge away, the Eastern Shore's bekon could be ignored no longer. Jeff and I finally packed our camping gear and kayaks and headed up.

The sun decided to set while we were on the bridge. We came upon the pull off with just enough time to snap a self-portrait or two.

Despite my reservations about getting in the water with a tropical storm having just passed, we kayaked out to the concrete ships.

They were built during WWII and then sunk as breakwaters in the bay. Viewed up close, the atrophy and decay offered an alluring type of beauty.

Though the trip was cut short due yet another East Coast rain storm, we weren't disappointed at all. We'd managed to pack in lots of relaxation and fun and plan to head out there again soon.


Libby said...

Beautiful shots Michelle! I LOVE the 1st one - i can just see that on istock! :) I wish we could go kayaking with you!

Rebekah Judd said...

So fun!! Still totally jealous you have kayaks, but I'm working through it. BTW, did you know this month is National Sewing Month...very timely, don't you think?

Catherine said...

Hey Meesh, glad you guys had a good getaway. Isn't it nice up there? I went camping with some peeps up there a few years ago. Special spot.

Sid and I had fun btw. Totally had a house party while the grown ups were away.

anne said...

Great pictures! Looks like a fun trip!
It's been TOO long since I last kayaked. SO FUN.

Lizzy said...

Luke & I just spent a long weekend in New Orleans over Labor Day and it was so much fun just being together, taking cool pictures, exploring a new place, etc. I'm glad you and your hubby were, likewise, able to get away, relax, and make fun memories together!