Friday, November 07, 2008

... A Little Riddle

Q. What do Bruce Wayne, Mary Magdalene, and Queen Elizabeth have in common? {keep reading and you'll find out}

Many of you waited in lines for hours to cast your vote this week. Yet locally it seems, a great many opted to vote absentee. That's were I come in.

Our typical team of four election officers turned into a team of 27+ this past week, yet it still took us 40+ hours to count the record breaking number of absentee ballots. Yes, one local city officially broke the record for highest number of absentee ballots in any election... over 2x the amount of the next highest city.

You can imagine the scene in there; team upon team counting, approving, opening, checking, casting, counting, counting (lots of counting), each ballot. Official looking people breathing down our necks making sure we're doing everything properly. Everyone did a wonderful job though. The mood, in spite of the situation, was good. Lots of sugar and caffeine were consumed & lots of laughter could be heard.

My team kept themselves entertained, in part, by taking note of the names of some of the votes we processed. I thought I'd share them here for you to marvel at too. Remember, these are legal names here folks:

Bruce Wayne
James Taylor
Michael Jordan
James Bond
Richard Ford
Dorian Gray
Queen Elizabeth
Mary Magdalene

A. They all voted in this years presidential election.

Who knew we had so many famous people living in our little corner of the country?! hehe


Bekah said...

wow...thats pretty impressive. =0)

nadine always had great stories about peoples Precious Snow joke there people!

Bethany said...

that is funny

Michelle said...

OMG Bekah! I had her too. I just forgot to add her to the list! I swear. Precious Snow White!

Jessica Rockey said...

My sis-in-law had a student named YOUPROMISEME. Seriously.

Libby said...

seriously? are you allowed to publish that? :) tell me more "just-married" stories! pleeeeease! :)