Friday, October 31, 2008

... Cycling without Borders

Meet my friend Markus. I stayed with him and his family for a week or two during my first visit to Germany. They were very kind and I still have the Christmas gift they gave me that year... very pleasant memories.

Anyhow, many, many years have passed and I now find Markus cycling from the Black Forest to the Yellow Sea (see the route here... it's unbelievable!), and blogging about his experience.

Initially I was just amazed by his ability to undertake such an adventure. Taking a year out of his life to bike through 18 different countries, not knowing what he's going to encounter... Wow!

Yet daily, as I read his posts and look at his pictures, I am even more moved by the encounters he has. By the acceptance, the challenges, the kindness.

No need for me to share these stories, folks, 'cause I know when you see it for yourself you'll be instantly hooked -- this is one blog you'll want to follow.

[Photography credits belong to Markus -- he's amazing, isn't he?]


Catherine said...

Dude, is he single? Just kidding. What an amazing adventurous spirit.

I love his photos too. Wow!

Sharron said...

Hi Michelle! So, with your blog lit up, I rushed right over with great anticipation to see your new post. I'm thinking"Yay! The Wedding Weekend pix are up!" Clicking on, I merely glanced at the title, which by now I've WILLED to read: "Honeymoon Without Borders"! But then, once I began to focus on the first pic... with no cabin... I got it!
But, I agree with you! What a committed way to engage many cultures and be deeply affected in mind, soul & body! Thanx for the hot tip. Love you!

Jessica Rockey said...

If I were a totally different person... I would totally do that!
Beautiful Photos...