Monday, February 12, 2007

... My Life

Ashleigh tagged me in a game called "All About Me: Narcissism Guess Tag". It's a multiple choice quiz meant to reveal little known facts about the me-- hence the name, All About MEEE! So, post your guesses in the comment box and I'll be back in a few days to reveal the truth.

1. Which sport have I never competed in?
a. Basketball
b. Cheerleading
c. Wrestling
d. Track and Field

2. What type of vehicle have I never owned?
a. Ford Escort
b. Buell Blast
c. Pontiac Sunbird
d. Toyota Corolla

3. Which of these jobs have I never held?
a. Local TV Station Reporter
b. Real Estate Manager for Magic Johnson
c. Runway Model
d. Actor

4. Which of these have not happened to me?
a. Been chased on foot by a police officer
b. Been chosen from a crowd to be a magicians assistant
c. Been dropped off by a helecopter on top of a frozen glacier
d. Been flown inside a volcano by a private plane

5. Which of these sisters do not belong to me (which statement isn't true)?
a. My sister is a Filipino Nurse
b. My sister is a Doctor and married to a Decorated Military Man
c. My sister is getting Married in June to her High School Crush
d. My sister is Italian and 15 years Older than me

Now I'm to tag four people, in alphabetical order following the initial of your first name... wow that is confusing. I'll just tag Amy (YES, she is starting a blog people!), Jason, and Catherine.


Bethany said...

So where is Amy's blog. HEE HEE

amyb said...

Ok FINE! YOU WIN! I'll start a stupid blog already :-) Ha ha, I've enjoyed reading the little comments relating to my not having a blog....makes me wonder...hmmm, should I bother starting? :-)

Catherine Marie said...

I'm a little confused... what exactly do I have to do now? Sorry - been a long day at work :)

Michelle said...

Well, first you are supposed to guess which of my choices are not true/did not happen to me. Then you are supposed to make up a similar quiz of your own.

Thanks for meeting me for dinner tonight Catherine. It was nice catching up and sharing stories. :-)

amyb said...

Ok, here are my guesses -

1. a
2. c
3. a
4. b
5. I have no idea 'cause your family "tree" is insane :-) I'm going to go with B

Ha! It's funny trying to answer these 'cause you've done so many things in your life that most of these I just don't remember :-) And, I know you like to word things to be a bit trixy, so anyways. I must say though, when I remembered back to a conversation we had when you worked at Integrity about a certain kind of car and you had no idea what I was talking about, the car question made me laugh...surprised you know that these are cars :-) Ha ha

Jennifer said...

1. a
2. b
3. d
4. c- If you've been on a glacier, please explain!
5. since when did you have a sister??? I want to hear about that one too!

Those are just some guesses.

Ashleigh said...

Okay, I have NO idea. I'm so looking forward to learning the answers.