Wednesday, February 21, 2007

... The Truth

Ok, so Amy may have been right when she said I was "trixy". The answer to all of the questions in the below post is

e. All of the Above

1. Sports:
a. Though I'm only 5 2" I did play basketball in Jr. High.
b. I cheered in College -- the stunting type of cheering. I was a flyer and I was voted team MVP by my peers.
c. I wrestled in High School-- the lone female on a state qualifying team. Believe me, it was even more shocking back then!
d. I threw discus in HS and sprinted in College.

2. Transportation:
a. My first car was a Sunbird- it had tinted windows, base, and hydrolics. I grew up in the suburbs on Detroit- hanging with Kid Rock but not Eminem.
b. c. d. I currently own the Escort, Corolla, and Buell. A Buell is a motorcycle built by Harley Davidson. I discovered the joy of riding motorcycles after giving into my fathers nagging to get one. Yes, they are dangerous, but they are soooooooo fun.

3. Jobs:
a. I was a student reporter for channel 56 while I was in Jr. High. My big assignment was to interview the musical band- The Jets.
b. I actually did manage the real estate owned by a comapny called Urban America owned by Magic Johnson. Never met him though.
c. I did some modeling in High School.
d. I acted in a training video for Liberty Tax Services a few years back.

4. Dinner Party Stories:
a. I was TP-ing a friends car in college and it must have been a slow night 'cause the cops decided to turn on their lights. My first reaction was to run. They chased us. In case you are wondering- don't ever run from a police officer. It only gets you in more trouble.
b. Oh yeah, in grade school. Got my picture in the newspaper too.
c. When vacationing in Alaska I rented some crampons and hired a helecopter to take me to a glacier and let me treck across it for a few hours. I mean, how often are you going to be able to have the chance to do that??!!
d. When vacationing in Hawaii, my mom and I chartered a sesna to fly us into an active volcano. I mostly remember sucking in the poisonous fumes through the air hole in the plane and barfing as we landed.

5. Sisters:
a. I have a step sister who is 9 months older than me. She was born and raised in the Phillipines but is now working as a nurse in California.
b. My senior year of HS I befriended a freshman named Jessica. We looked alot alike and were always being asked if we were sisters so we began calling one another "sis". To this day, she's my sis. She is now a Dr. and is always sending me newspaper article after newspaper article of her husband's heroic & dangerous rescue missions.
c. I am lucky enough to have lived with and been adopted by the most wonderful and kind Davis family. Bek recently got engaged to a hottie named Bobby. Turns out they both have had crushes on each other since they were like 16. Now, at 21, they are finally tying the knot.
d. As a child I was a part of the Big Brothers Big Sisters program. Debbie was my Big Sister. She was this great single gal from this loud and fun Italian family. I always had a great time spending holidays and Sundays with them.

Now, if only Cathy, Amy, and Jason would post their questions....


Ashleigh said...

Michelle, you led such an interesting life!!! I loved learning all of this about you.

Ashleigh said...

Opps ... I meant "lead."

Jennifer said...

Michelle, You were being trixy! I had a feeling that some of them were all of the above. Wow, the glacier thing really took my breath away. You are amazing.

bekahanne2003 said...

michelle....haha you are TRIXY! I figured that one about the sisters was me....Im so honored! :P Love you!

p.s. he is a hottie...isnt he? :)

AmyB said...

Ha! I knew it! You should have seen me trying to figure some of them out, 'cause they all sounded right! Fun :-)

Mouse said...

hey girl! where did these questions come from? you seem perfectly qualified to be a stunt woman to me! what are you waiting for?! i'll be your sister too!