Tuesday, January 02, 2007

... Sushi with Amy

My friend Amy says I need to get with it and blog 'cause "Recount" was so last years news. She's right. I've no time to write a proper post so instead I'll tell you what I'd like to post about.

- I'm having sushi with Amy next week. I love sushi and am excited.

- I want to learn to sew. Jeff's mom hooked me up with all sorts of sewing paraphernalia for Christmas so I should be about ready to create some new masterpiece.

- I have a contract on one of my houses. Please pray it goes through- to close Jan 23rd.

- I love to read and am excited to post MY favorite books of 2006.

- Work is picking up. $$. I'm excited.

- Jeff and I spent this new years setting goals for ourselves. All types. I love goals... and lists... and a little healthy competition. We are going to see who can read the most books this year-- nerds, I know.

- I think I may have a new roommate moving in next week. Just a temp thing until she finds a new space.

- I spent the entire month of November battling fibroids and pain. After 2 er visits and an out patient surgery, I'm told I need another surgery. Was putting that off (3 day hosp stay and 6 week recovery not to mention a 6 inch scar - blech) until the pain started back up again this week (ugh). Ring. Ring. Dr. Davis? When can I get in??

- I hope to be offered a contract with my photography agency at the end of January or Feb. It will bind me exclusively to them and give me a raise in my commission.

Just the bare facts. No fluff. I will try to do better at postings. I can't believe you people still check this?!? Thanks for being my friends.


amybare said...

Ha! Nice to see something new for a change :-)

amybare said...

AND...Jeesh, it's about time ;-)

Looking forward to that Sushi myself!! Mexican Rolls here I come!

Michelle said...

Mexican Rolls? Man, I can see some Japanese guy rolling over in his grave right now. Mexican Rolls... what is this world coming to?

amybare said...

Well, OBVIOUSLY, SOMEBODY doesn't know much about sushi! Ok, fine, so I just had them for the first time last week, but let me just say, they are awesome!

Ashleigh said...

Okay, I SO want to learn to sew also. And knit. Ted actually bought me a sewing machine for Christmas. So we'll see how it goes. I'm looking forward to giving it a try. :-)

Bethany said...

Missed you too. Can't wait to read your new post...when you have time.