Saturday, February 03, 2007

... Love

Celebrating the musical legacy of the Beatles, Cirque du Soleil has incorporated 26 classic Beatles hits into their newest show which performs in Vegas. Suddenly I find myself wanting to vacation in the gambling capital of the world. I just adore the music of the Beatles and to see the magic of Cirque's aerial acrobatics, urban dance, & extreme sports timed perfectly to the beat of my favorite band... well, it give me shutters just thinking about it. I downloaded LOVE off and I say with exuberance, it did not disappoint. The songs have been remastered by former producer George Martin and son Giles- intertwined together into a flawlessly mixed medley that begins with Because and ends with All You Need Is Love. And all you need, folks, is to listen to this cd.


Jennifer said...

I had no idea you like the Beatles. Go you Beatles girl, go. Is it going to tour or just stay in Vegas?

amy said...

Hey, yeah, I don't think I really knew that either! :-) I think Jessica Robinson just saw their show last week.

Michelle said...

yeah! jeff JUST told me they were here last week! Aggggh! I would have LOVED to go.

As far as I can tell, they are just doing the LOVE show in Vegas. And it's like $150 bucks. Shaaa!