Friday, August 04, 2006


If you've ever downloaded a song from itunes for $.99 you need to check this out.

My English friend- Ryan- told me about it when we were hanging out at Windsor Castle last month. (That's us, drinking tea on the lawn of Windsor Castle.)

Anyhow, they calculate the price based on the size of the song so it's much cheaper than itunes. For example, I downloaded a song yesterday for $.11 and an entire album for $1.22. You have to check it out!!


Bethany said...

Cool. Why is it so much cheaper?

Michelle said...

They just charge based on the volume of data downloaded, not the individual song. The longer the song or the higher quality you want, the more it costs. But it's still WAY cheaper!
They are a Russian company operating under a licenseing agreement that allows them to legally distribute music from all artists and all labels. I don't know of anyone here that has heard of it yet. It is GREAT!