Saturday, February 06, 2010

... Snow

Snow, snow, snow, snow!!

{You have to read that the way it's sung on White Christmas. Which, by the way, I happen to go to church with the son of one of The Clooney Sisters. You know... the gals that actually sang that song with Bing and Danny. But that's a story for another time.}

Yes folks, here in Norfolk, VA we actually experienced snow. These shots were taken one week ago from today. The local papers told tale of this being the biggest snow storm in 20 years. To be honest, it's the only REAL snow I've seen here in the 13 years I've lived here.

The funny thing is, today it's snowing again. Part of what weather men across the nation are calling "The Storm of the Century".

What's the world coming to I wonder?

But back to the snow.

Since we have no children, most of our entertainment centered around our dog, Sidney.

She faithfully allowed us to throw snowballs at her. {She tried to either eat them in the air, or fetch them depending on how far we threw.}

She also let us chase her.

But mainly, we just sat inside peering out the windows at this amazing sight.

What a novelty.



Lizzy said...

beautiful pics, Michelle. you have no children YET, you mean! haha! five more months! ;) that's neat about you attending church with a Clooney descendant. so, in other words, George Clooney's cousin?? (Rosemary Clooney from 'White Christmas' was his mother). My grandfather 'lifeguarded' Bing Crosby's kids while they swam @ a local pool many moons ago in sunny SoCal. small world!

Michelle said...

Yes George's cousin but Rosemary is George's Aunt. The two sisters had a brother (his dad). I've yet to broach that spectacular piece of reality with him. I'm playing it cool for now... Maybe one day it'll come in handy. ;-)

Lizzy said...

oh, my bad!! yeah, keep it cool until just the 'right moment' in a convo. then go for it!!! tell me how it goes!!! i'm so curious! ;D

Little Birdie Secrets said...

Hi Michelle,
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On a side note, I have been pouring over your blog!! Your photos are absolutely amazing. I am JUST starting to get into photography and I hope that someday I will be able to take photos even close to yours.