Friday, February 12, 2010

... A Blanket for Me and Mine

Once in a while, when a very special baby comes into this world, they will receive a baby blanket knitted by yours truly.

I use the softest yarn and double up so it's quite plush.

Here are a few that I've made:
Avery and Tre's

This time, I made one for myself.

I hope (s)he likes it!


Bethany said...

That does look yummy. What pattern and yarn do you use. Please dish

Michelle said...

I use Lion Brand Yarn - Homespun. They have wonderfully textured colors and are oh so soft. I knit with two threads at one time so I end up using 4 scains of yarn.

The pattern is one I picked up forever ago, super easy. I cast on 75 stitches (any odd # would work). Then for the first 8 rows you p1k1. Then until you're 8 rows from the end you alternate these two rows:

p1k1 for 5, p to last 5 stitches, p1k1 for 5.

p1k1 for 5, k to the last 5 stitches, p1k1 for 5.

Then the final 8 rows are p1k1.

It ends up giving it a boarder of sorts with the middle of the blanket a consistent look.

Oh, and I should add... this yarn/patterns works with my gauge... but you'll want to test yours (2.5 stitches to an inch). I tried switching yarns once and the blanket ended up looking more like a burrito baby wrap than a rectangle. haha. Sorry Tre! :)

Rebekah Judd said...

I was wondering if you were planning on making one. So glad you made one before the gender reveal. Green, as you know, is fab.

Bethany said...

Oh thanks

Lizzy said...

yes, i'm sure your little one will love being gently wrapped up in it! great job, michelle!

AmyB said...

It's so fabulous Michelle! The color is awesome. On a side note, the yard washes really well too - I try to just wash the kiddos on gentle, but they go warm regular too. Gwyneth's doesn't still look BRAND new, but it still looks great (and she loves it...sleeps with it every night)! I've been impressed.

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.