Saturday, May 02, 2009

... a Chickadee

This weekend, as Jeff and I were working in the yard, we kept getting dive-bombed by a little birdie. Best we can tell, this little guy was just learning to fly and his steering skills were still being developed. So were his fear of man skills, 'cause he decided to come into the house and hang with us for a good long bit.

This tiny little chickadee was the prettiest guy ever. So sweet, tiny and unafraid.

Eventually we took him back outside and coaxed him to fly away... but not until we got a little video so we'll always remember the visit from little "dusty".


Ginger said...

So sweet! this is my fav bird of all time--glad you got to have one for a bit, thanks for sharing.

Lizzy said...

precious! I love how uninhibited he was to just pay you a little visit...inside your house! how cute! thank you for posting this!

The LeValley Family said...


Rebekah Judd said...

You can tell he has some attitude. So cute!!