Monday, April 27, 2009

... A Taste of India

This weekend I got away for a little taste of India. I didn't have to travel very far but was still able to see the Bollywood Dancing as well as stuff myself with a whole slew of yummy Indian Dishes such as Tikki Chhole, Makhni Chicken & Naan, and of course Mango Lassi.

Jeff was very patient as I basked in the culture, energized by the dancing and flavors. For some reason I have this thing for Asian Indian culture. Maybe it's the fact that their men will dress like this and dance with no shame. And dang could they dance.

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Jessica Rockey said...

YEAH!!! Seeing men dance is always very powerful... not 'dainty' as most Americans seem to think.
Hope you're doing well, friend! Do I get to see you on Sunday?!