Thursday, March 19, 2009

... Hanging in AZ

The trip to Arizona was great. A well timed vacation. Jeff and I had both been overly busy with our varied commitments and a break was exactly what we needed.

We stayed with Greg and Elka who are always the best hosts. Tre is at the perfect age where he understands everything, but isn't quite speaking the language of the masses (I wonder if kids understand each others babble). He's very playful and play with him we did.

Mostly though, we just hung out.

We invented a game of back-yard-beach-ball-tennis. We challenged one another to Tetris. We lazed on their comfy couches.

Overall, it was a perfect time! Thanks for having us guys!


Bekah said...

sounds super fun! i think i need a vacation...hmmm. love you shelle!

Libby said...

Nice! Arizona looks like a good place to live. :) I know you're going to move there...I can feel it in my bones!

elka said...

Yeah, I agree with Libby (though I don't know her, I so appreciate the plug for a move to AZ!). We loved having you guys, and we missed you the moment you left. I love all the photos....