Monday, March 16, 2009

... an American Airlines flight (or five)

There's currently a guy living in Hawaii who is one lucky dude. I've never met or spoken with him... but he's managed to win the heart of a very good friend of mine and they're getting married. Yay!

Joanna and Paki were sweet enough to choose my anniversary as the date of their anniversary. Well, maybe it was the photographers availability that chose the date, but it's all the same to me.

Joanna's wedding
My & Jeff's one year anniversary

I don't think it takes much consideration here, right folks?

Hawaii - here we come!!!!

One of the parts that has me so excited is that we get to fly for freeeeeee. Or pretty much free. See, the past three times I've flown overseas I've taken the same airline (AA - it's the best one in my opinion). All those miles added up to a free European flight, or two free non-Continental US flights. Just pay a transfer fee, some minor taxes, and voila!

Sigh... only 8 more months....

{photos snagged off various Hawaii vacation sites.... but I'll have my own to show you soon.}


Bekah said...

SOO FUN! What a FANTASTIC way to celebrate your one year! =0)

Catherine said...

Oh meesh, so great. Glad it's working out. Great timing for your anniversary... And I'm sure you guys don't mind me tagging along with you, do you? ;) jk

When I first read this I read "fight" instead of "flight." I thought you'd had one of my experiences.Thankfully, no. Glad AA is treating you well. I love them - no problems coming to NZ with them and qantas. Even my mom was surprised saying its amazing I got out in less than 48 hrs!! Go AA!

Libby said...

What a great way to celebrate your anniversary! And so soon! You're supposed to wait until at least your 5 year anniversary for a trip like that - at least, that's what my husband tells me! :) Please pass along my congrats to Joanna - although I do wish she were marrying our friend Craig.

Lizzy said...

oh, i'm so excited for joanna! yay!! (and excited that your and jeff get to go to Hawaii!!)