Monday, December 01, 2008

... Thanksgiving at the Ric*a*ds

You never quite know what you're going to encounter when you head over there. For example, this is Bekas interpretation of dressing the turkey.

Thanks to Jessica, Reaghan, and the rest of the fam for a great day!


Reaghan said...

haha this is way better than my picture!
I'm so glad you and Jeff were able to come!
We should have a once a month rickards day! (or something like that!) so you guys can come back over and play wii with reed and i! haha
i had so much fun!

Libby said...

Fun times! I'm guessing there were kids least kids at heart? :)

Jessica Rockey said...

So glad you both could come! I will never look at turkey the same... ever.

AmyB said...

Ha ha, I laughed out loud...nice work Beka!