Tuesday, July 15, 2008

... Sidney's Kayaking Adventures

(This is for you Kacey and Jeremy)

Sidney, our newly adopted dog, hates getting baths so I was a little unsure if our weekend would turn out quite as we planned. We'd packed the car with our camping and fishing gear, hiking attire, and - the big one - our kayaks. A trial run on dry land (trying to get her in the kayak in the driveway) didn't offer any hope. She was beyond skeptical and barely came near them. But off to the Northwest River we went, none-the-less.

Jeff had to place Sidney in my kayak as we shoved off into the water. She was nervous and refused to sit down or stay still. I too became nervous as the boat rocked back and forth and my ability to paddle and control the direction of the boat was nill with her in the way. Not 5 minutes in it happened...

Jeff turned a corner, and Sidney did not like him being out of her view. She hopped out of the cockpit and onto the front of the kayak. "Jeeeeff" my voice nervously rang out. KERSPLASH! She was in the water. I don't know who was more nervous -- me or her. She dog paddled around the boats with noticeable fear in her eyes. But that only lasted for a few seconds, the fear and nerves subsided as we both realized she did know how to swim and she was going to be ok.

She paddled to soggy land and obediently hopped right into Jeff's cockpit, staying seated this time. She'd learned her lesson. A few more minutes in, while still in the water, we were easily able to transfer her back to my kayak where she stayed the rest of the 3 hour trip.

Now here's where the fun begins. She LOVED IT! She was so observant and aware of everything we saw -- fish in the water, birds flying by, trees, wind, sun.... she was clearly having a good time which made me enjoy it all the more. After a few hours, she settled down into the kayak (by my feet) to nap, resting her head on my lap. Anyone who's met Sid knows she's not a dog to sit still for longer than a minute or two so I was happy to get so much snuggle time with her.

Over the weekend we went out a few more times experiencing many more adventures such as fishing, picnicing, hiking, and even just hopping in the warm water for a swim (yes, Sidney did get back in the water and swim around). She loved all of it! :-) The next weekend when Sidney saw that Jeff and I were loading up the kayaks again, she hopped right in the car, eager to come out with us. I'm so happy that we have such a perfect dog that loves to come on outdoor adventures with us!


Catherine said...

I love seeing the pictures after hearing your story. What a cute, happy face! I know KC & J will be thrilled to know she's having so much fun with you guys :)

kacey said...

Wow! Sidney is becoming quite the outdoors dog, I'm so impressed! Thanks for taking her on new adventures-I know she enjoys it! Thanks for the update-we miss her a lot but know she is well-loved!

Bekah said...

looks like super fun! and your honeymoon sounds fun too! a nice cabin tucked away...oh yeah! luv you!

Sara said...

Hey Michelle, I was able to hang out with Sidney some at Ginger's house. I LOVE her!! She is so well-behaved and sweet. Yeah, I'm jealous :)