Wednesday, July 02, 2008

... Our Free Moments

Bet you can't guess what I've been doing?? Every free moment is going toward thinking about, researching, and planning.... our next kayak trip!

A few weekends ago, Jeff and I were able to travel to Farmville, VA where we attended a huge kayaking event. We were able to test-drive a dozen or so kayaks of all sizes, shapes, and materials to see what suited us best.

What suited us best, we found, was the Venture Easky 15 -- a 15 foot touring kayak. Determined to save up for it, we were intent on leaving when a friend of Jeff's approached him. She knew what we had our eye on and had done some research. The manager of The Appomattox River Company happened to have two of last years models in stock that he'd be willing to knock a large bit off of. Jeff and I gave each other the look and he started working his knack for deal-making. Let's just say we stayed an extra few hours and left with some new paddles in the backseat, a rack on my Corolla, and two Easky's on the roof.

A few hours later we pulled up to Smith Mountain Lake and launched our kayaks. The vibrant color of the boats glowed on the still water. The only sound was the gentle lapping of the water as we paddled along the shoreline. The water, warmed from the days sun, steamed around us as the air temperature dropped. And there we found ourselves, in the middle of a still, quiet lake watching the sun set... both immediately hooked on our new hobby.


hosanna said...

Michelle, how fun! I laughed when i saw your blog today...Diane and I just went to an intro to kayaking class and are excited to start. Now that I know you and Jeff are professionals, I can bounce questions off of you. Enjoy!

Sarah said...

I am so jealous. Brad andI bought Kyaks for our first anniversary. We lived on the water and could put them in 30 feet from our front door. It was a blast...however, they have not been touched since 2003! Babies and kyaking don't mix well!

Bekah said...

So fun! Bobby would be so jealous! he loves kayaking!

Ashleigh said...

Looks so peaceful!

Joy said...

O.K. Did I tell you Alex and I were green with envy because we are. I am glad you guys are having fun with them. Are you practicing your rolls yet?

Michelle said...

Hosanna - you guys are head of Jeff and I then 'cause we've never had a class. Haha. We'll be calling you with ?'s.

Sarah - In another few years you can take them out, right? I saw they have special childrens seats that snap into the kayak in front of the parent.

Bek- you and Bobby can rent some and come out with us next time!!!!! Tell Bobby that Jeff fishes from his kayak all the time.

Ashleigh - it is VERY peaceful. I love it!

Joy - Not practicing rolls yet but we did practice assisted recoveries last time out. Lots of fun when the water is refreshing and jelly fish free.