Tuesday, June 03, 2008

... Jeff's 9-5

Six months after taking the position of Web and Electronic Communications Manager for the Mason School of Business at William & Mary, Jeff finally decided enough was enough. It was time to do something about his rather plain looking office.

Up we went to Williamsburg armed with a few printed shots of our trip out west last November. Arizona being the theme, the pictures, combined with a variety of live potted cacti and even some desert rock he smuggled back in his luggage, would hopefully spruce the place up a bit.

Hang them up. Move some furniture around. Viola! Jeff's new Monday through Friday home.

Check out the view from his window. Jeesh. I bet he's hurting for inspiration over there.


Anonymous said...

The good news is, he has an office. The great news is, he has a window! He even looks like he has space to move in :) I feel very cramped. Char aka Mom

Paula Prass said...

If that were my office I'd spend the day staring out the window. We were in AZ this spring and took very close up pics of the cactus. I'm no photographer, but they almost looked like geometric prints. Hey, keep stopping by to see me. I'm bursting at the seams to SHOW + TELL.

Catherine said...

Nice cacti!

Man, no fair! I need a window. Sometimes feel like taking a sledge hammer to the wall next to my desk. (Our old building only has windows on two sides)

When we getting together?

Libby said...

I miss lovely Virginia. Do you guys ever think of moving to Williamsburg? What about your b&b?