Wednesday, May 14, 2008

... My Competition

This little beauty is my niece, Gwyneth. She's also my primary competition for my beau's love and affection. He's completely smitten with her.

Really though, with this kind of spunk how could I blame him? I adore her too.

During one of our lovely spring days last week, Sidney and I were able to meet Gwyneth and Austin at the park for a picnic. Their mom, grandma, great grandma, aunt, and baby brother were there too but I didn't happen to get any picture of them.

I tried to get pictures of Austin. He declared (arms akimbo) that he didn't want us to take pictures of him. But we didn't listen, so he hid.

I guess both of the kiddies have a bit of spunk in 'em, eh?


Ashleigh said...

Great pictures, Michelle!

Bekah said...

oh my gosh! gwee is way too cute for her own good! love both closeups of her...but the black and white is amazing!

Ginger said...

what a cute girl!

Rebekah Judd said... totally captured Gwyneth's flair. Well done!!

Sarah said...

She's a cutie!

cheryldavis1 said...

What a beautiful little girl! She must look like her grandmother! :) Is there any way I can pay for a copy of the 2 pictures of Gwee? It was fun being with you....even if you didn't take my picture!

AmyB said...

So cute 'Shell! Love 'em. Glad it worked out for you to come!