Sunday, May 11, 2008

... LPGA

Did ya catch me on ESPN? Jeff and I were there for round three. He scored some promo tickets through work. My favorite part was seeing the golfers whack the balls. Such power!


Zachary Martin Glass said...

Are you advertising beer on your blog? Or at least that beer? How about something darker. Like Negro Modello with George Foreman hamburgers.

Michelle said...

haha. Hey Mike. No, I'm not recommending their beer. I tried a sample. Yuck. But your welcome over any time for Negro and Burgers.

anne said...

Fun! Going to a pro golf tourney is on my list of things to do if I can...if only I was decent at golf. :) So I figure watch the people who really do know how to play will inspire me so I have something to do when I'm old :)