Saturday, January 12, 2008

... Nic

Nic, short for Nicodemus, is my turtle. I'd always wanted a pet turtle and on my 23rd birthday I received one -- from little Paul Thomas. Who knew 9 years later he'd still be going strong?

Nic has lived through sloshing water on road trips, many moves, little kids pounding on his tank, a dive off the back deck (he's quite quick and adventurous), vacations where I've left him alone for weeks at a time.... he really is quite hearty.

Something else you might not expect of a turtle... he's full of personality. He is, I swear. He recognizes those he loves and runs from those who inadvertently torture him. I've even been able to train him to do simple tricks.

Ahh my little turtle, he's the best.


Rebekah Judd said...

It's true! He does have a personality...but his name is Lenny.

Billie said...

I can't believe you still have that Turtle! Wow. He is cute though.

Rebekah said...

What a cute post! I had a turtle a long time ago and his name was Wildberry. He ran away on our family trip to Arkansas. So, what kind of tricks are you talking about???

Ginger said...

cute! I like turtles but Im always afraid there going to bite me. My friend had one call "crush" that was free in her was funny seeing it walking around everywhere.

Paul, Jess & Elise said...

Nic!!! I had forgotten about him...don't tell him though, I don't want to hurt his feelings. Did I tell you that a friend gave me a turtle after Paul and I married? His name was Bartholamew (Bart for short)...he had to go back to my friend though because I couldn't figure out how to sneak him into Romania...and anyways, he didn't know the Romanian language.

Jennifer said...

I love Nicodemus. He's such a great turtle. Wow- that means I've known you for longer than 9 years... because I still remember when you got the turtle! He's the turtle that never ends... he goes on and on my friend... :)


wendy said...

I love it! I have always wanted a turtle too. My favorite memory of teaching was when three of my kindergartners brought baby turtles to class. We had a baby paint, a baby terripan, and a baby slider. They were so cute! We kept them until the end of school and let them go. They lived in a plastic bowl with rocks. It was great! Nic looks like loads of fun!!

Judy said...

Nicholas was just asking for a turtle. I don't know if I trust that kid with a turtle, or anything that has to stay captive in his room... I knew someone who had a turtle & their house smelled a bit pet zoo-ish. I think our house already smells that way because of our little Jackie & if we added a turtle, well, it may just smell like a full on zoo.

Michelle said...

Yeah, Reb and I didn't meet until a few days after she moved in. I left Nic to show her around. Curiously, he introduced himself as Lenny. Hmm.

Rebekah, he does simple tricks like if I hold food up out of the water he will leap up and grab it. Maybe they aren't tricks per sae but I think he's brilliant.

Ginger, I used to let him walk around until one day he hid under a throw rug during a party I was having. From that day on I was always too afraid he'd get stepped on. When I do let him out, he's fast!
Oh, and once he did bite me but it was on accident. I was doing the above referenced trick and he mis-judged the jump and bit the tip of my finger. It hurt like a mug.

Jessica, sorry to hear about Bart. We could have had turtle play dates.

Judy, he only gets stinky when I don't change his water for a few weeks. I don't have a filter or anything so I have stay on top of it. Though, I'm under the belief that he likes the murky water. He did come from a pond after all. But he really is a very low maintenance pet if you should ever decide to give Nicolas a chance.

Bethany said...

Have you stuck him in the bathtub to see if he could swim????


I heard turtles usually outlive owners. They just keep going and going. Aaron's cousins have a turtle that they have had for ever. He just hangs out in this little area of their backyard in AZ. The boys love to feed him.