Wednesday, December 19, 2007

... the Brothers

Jeff is one of six boys. Yep, six boys. God Bless Dianne, huh? I guess boys pretty much dominate the family too because Jeff's oldest brother Danny has seven of them so far (they aren't officially done yet either!).

Having such a large family means it isn't often everyone gets together. So last month when all of the boys were able to gather in San Antonio I was instructed to capture it on film. The event that gathered them from across the globe (one brother flew from Singapore)? Kevin, number three in the line-up, was stating his vows to his bride Casey.

The wedding and events surrounding it were loads of fun. The jokes flowed freely, in spite of the 20-year age spread between the boys. I laughed tons, but I have to confess one my my favorite observations was the way they were so respectful and loving toward their father. Quite endearing.

So, here they are. Pictures of Dan and his sons.


Catherine said...

Woah! So he has 5 brothers and at least 8 nephews? That's a lot of boys...

So which one is Kevin in the pictures?

Michelle said...

5 brothers
8 nephews
3 nieces (at least we know they can produce girls...)

Kevin is the one in the red tie.

Aren't they all handsome! ;-)

Bekah said...

I had no idea Jeff had so many brothers! I always thought it was just the three of them...Jeff, Greg and Mark...weird.

Judy said...

Wow! I can't imagine having six kids! I struggle & I only have three! It must be something special though, to have so many brothers.

Bethany said...

Aaron didn't even know Jeff was one of that many boys. HA HA. That is soooo great. So does his oldest brother only have 7 boys or are there any girls in that fam.

Michelle said...

Bethany- only 7 boys. No girls, yet.