Saturday, September 23, 2006

... A Whimsical Wedding Tale

There was a Groom named David and a Bride named Jessica who invited close friends and family to a stay at a quaint little bed and breakfast called The Hope and Glory Inn to help celebrate their marriage to one another.

The Inn was very Shabby Chic or "very Jessica" as was commonly heard throughout the weekend.

We were awoken each morning to the divine fragrance of breakfast cooking and invited to share our meal on the patio along with the other weekend wedding guests.

Our personal cottage was just a few steps down the brick path through the garden.

And though each cottage did have it's own bathroom, we were welcome to use the outdoor shower or claw foot tub if we wished.

Which the happy bride was rumored to enjoy the morning of her special day.

Once we were all ready, we gathered in the main sitting room of the Inn to take photographs and watch the guests arrive at the chapel across the street.

There was much laughter and playing and fun being had by all...

Well... almost all.

After the exquisitely choreographed ceremony and exchanging of vows, the bridesmaids decided to take advantage of the bicycles available...

and ride down the way to the outdoor reception party.

An evening filled with Crooked Cakes, Youthful Ballerinas, and Alice in Wonderland quotes was enjoyed by all. Soon, the happy couple was whisked away by boat underneath a spectacular array of fireworks filling the sky with color and sound in their honor.

And they lived happily ever after. The end...

Congratulations David and Jessica! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your lives.


Anonymous said...

What an incredible place to have a wedding. How fun. And I love how you told the story. Did you do their wedding pics Michelle? What a fun wedding to photograph...that is my kind of wedding...outside, lovely natural light!!!! Drool. Looks like a fun weekend. And what a fun tub outside. How fun.

Heatherelle said...

Beautiful pictures, Michelle! I love your compositions! Wish we could have been there! What a fabulous setting for a wedding!

Ashleigh said...

Beautiful pictures and love how you told the story, Michelle! Sounds like an enchanted weekend and wedding!

Michelle said...

Hey, thanks guys. It was a very enchanting and ideal weekend. :-)
No Bethany, I wan't their official photographer. She has a distant cousin who had that task. These are just a few of the shots i took before I had to give up my camera to walk down the isle. That is why I don't have pics of dave or the wedding. haha.

Danielle said...

Hi, I found your blog through Bethany's. What a beautiful wedding! I love the dresses and want to take a bath in the outdoor tub! You know, that little inn isn't THAT far from me (I'm in the Baltimore metro area). I do think I'll have to put that on the list of "places to visit."

Michelle said...

Hi Danielle,
You should totally visit the inn. I recommend it 100%. A nice getaway.
The bride designed the dresses and had them made. They were alot of fun!

Zoanna said...

Hello, again. I just commented on your South Africa post.
This post was such fun to read, very creative. I love the pics. Beautiful bride and briday party. Love the bikes in a row, bridesmaid on a bike, super bored ring bearer. Those are the kinds of shots too many pros miss while they're staging the garden variety ones. Kudoes to you for catching some of the best emotions of their big day.