Tuesday, August 15, 2006

... South Africa - The Cape

Due to Delta's inability run an airline, I ended up arriving in the country a few days before Cathy. It allowed me time to get to know her family a bit. I stayed with her mum, Joan, and her aunt and uncle, Hazel and Richard. I laughed a lot & came away with a better understanding of Cathy's upbringing. They were sooo nice. We ate yummy fish almost every meal. Drank lots of good wine. Saw beautiful coastline. Had a fun girls night with Joan, hearing all sorts of stories about her love life. Cape Town is lovely. Very posh. There is still crime, but there is a lot of money as well.

Cathy's family owns a nearby vineyard, Constantia Uitsig, so we woke up one morning and hiked through it to one of their many restaurants for breakfast.

Unfortunately, La Columbe, the #26 restaurant in the world, was closed for renovations so we ate at Jonkershuis instead.

The architecture was lovely; a fresh white wash and clean lines. The Dutch influence.

Cath and her mum Joan as we experienced the coast.

Fish and Chips were our main meal while in Cape Town. This is one of the local dives we hit. Mmmm. Yum.

There's a reason surfing is so popular in South Africa. The waves were incredible.

Cath and I went into downtown Cape Town one day to do a little curio shopping. Check out the varying architecture there.

There is more to come... check back soon!


Bethany said...

Very cool!! Love all the pics. What an experience.

Did you know one of the guys on Aaron's team is from Cape Town. Well actually he is from here but lived there and married a South African Gal.

Aaron loves to surf with him.

Ashleigh said...

Michelle, these are amazing photos! Can't wait to see more.

amybare said...

Beautiful! Can't wait to see the rest!

Catherine Marie said...

Cool, Meesh!

I know what you really wanted to say is that you understand now why I'm such a nut :) Never a dull moment in the Wilson/Carolin/Hugo households! What was all that talk about the cat pee plant, anyway?!! Funny!