Sunday, May 28, 2006

... Day 1

I made it to Louisville, albeit a tad late as I volunteered to bounce through Dallas on another airline to earn a free flight. I actually could have earned two but thought I'd at least better make the first message. It was worth giving up the second flight as Joshua did a great job setting the tone for the conference with a message on living for Gods approval by: 1- Handling the Truth Gratefully. 2- Living the Truth Personally. 3- Representing the Truth Humbly.

They have some way cool eye goodies going on here- I'll try to take some pictures today. They just did an amazing job marketing wise with the conference this year. It all ties into the "Save the Wheel" theme complete with circular trampoline looking screens to project words to worship and video of speakers on. Fun stuff.

Community Groups/Family Groups.... I was assigned to Eric's Community Group along with my friend Mindee and the rest of the singles from SGC which made it easier to attend. I actually plan on going again this morning. Peer pressure can be a good thing I suppose.

Friends.... One of those picturesque airport reunions took place between Mindee and I. After 8 years we were able to give each other a hug. :> I also ran into a few CA guys: Sean and Jason. [Kelsey... SOOO sad you're not here].

Off to breakfast with the roomies... Will try to post pics later if I can find someones card reader to borrow. I forgot mine.


Ashleigh said...

Michelle, I'm so excited you're posting from the conference! Have you seen Ted yet?

Michelle said...

Just saw him Ashleigh! Just for a second though. I went back to the booth to see him again but he wasn't. Slacker. Haha. I plan on looking again.