Tuesday, April 11, 2006

... Anne

I have a very good friend named Anne. Anne is from England. Anne didn't have a middle name so we gave her one. Now her name is Annie Jeanne.

Anne and I met 7 years ago when she was visiting a mutual friend here in Virginia. Minutes after meeting, we were great friends. Today I count Anne, and her husband Ryan, as some of my best friends (incidently, I also count Ryan as THE funniest person of my acquaintance). Our friendship takes place mainly over emails, but through not-as-common-as-I'd-like long flights with poor food we occasionally get to see one another face to face. Last summer I was able to spend 10 days touring England with Anne and Ryan and this summer I will stop in London for a day on my way to South Africa.

I wanted to share Anne with you all as I was able to chat with her today on line. A rare treat for us. She is a teacher and on her two week spring break. (I'm not sure how those Brits get anything done with all their vacation days.)

Anne started a blog today but she make me promise not to put the link on mine. So I wont... yet. But I will share the "Family Picture" they sent out this Christmas. I usually just like to show it to people and watch their facial expressions but since I can't do that with you, I'll share that the 'kid' isn't really their child but a friend that visited them for the summer while promoting his cd. And their outfits, well, they really tend to dress more 'skater alternative' than 'leave it to beaver'. And the bunnies... oh, wait, those really are really the family pets. Enjoy!


Orchard Grove said...

Very funny Christmas card! Thanks for sharing it with us and telling us about Anne. :-)

So ... tell us more about this trip to South Africa!

Michelle said...

i suppose i should eh? okay. i'll save it for another post. ;-)

Bethany said...

Funny what a great sense of humor. Can't wait till she shares her blog with us!!!

Charissa said...

yes, hello - more info needed!!! you can't just say you are going to South Africa and not tell us anything more! Where are you going? Why? Do you have a place to stay? Come on, girlie - spit it out!

ps - I've been faithfully checking your blog every morning and then when I get swamped a couple of days - that is when you decide to post! figures :0P

Jessica said...

South Africa, oooohhh, sounds like a dream. Need a traveling companion? :-> In my dreams right? Leave my guys for any amount of time.