Thursday, June 03, 2010

... X-Ray Vision

Here's what you'd see if you had x-ray vision into my tummy.

Here's what you'd see if you didn't.

One version is decidedly much cuter in my opinion.
One version is becoming fairly difficult to cover in a modest fashion.

One version I stare at all day.
One version I touch all day.

Both versions make me exceedingly happy.
Hey, it's the south. Everyone's kinder to pregnant women. ;-)


Anonymous said...

Beautiful, Michelle. Can't wait to meet her. :)


Lizzy said...

beautifully written post...not to mention the great pics! ;)

Elka Vignette Swingle said...

You and baby look SO cute! You make an adorable pregnant lady, I must say. Also, I LOVE the outfits you made in the post below! Ahhhh! Can't wait to see pics of that little girl dressed in her pretty coming-home dress. =)