Thursday, November 19, 2009

... The Things that Keep Us Here

Two in a row!

This one found it's way on my front door stoop just a few days before the storm. Well timed because if it weren't for three days without electricity and an unsettling amount of time camped in a coffee shop like a refugee, it would likely have been weeks before I would have attacked this book. I've thought it through and attacked is the correct verb. For it was done and victoriously shelved in two sittings.

The story read well -- a real don't-want-to-put-it-down type of book. But what was really interesting was the superbly timed subject matter. It was, personally, regionally and nationally, quite relevant.

A quick scan of the back of the book told me that a virus was spreading through the nation and what would a mother do to protect her family. Not something I would normally pick up. Too sensationalist sounding, right? Well, yes, it was a page turner but it was oddly not sensational. Not sensational since much like the book, we are facing a flu pandemic. And much like the book, I was struggling with being cooped up in a home without power. Annnd... well, that's about where the parallels ended. But it was enough to hook me.

Perhaps I'm just in a generous mood - deeming a high percentage of my books as recommendations lately. Or maybe there's a lot to look forward to in 2010 in the publishing world. But Carla Buckley's book is a good story! So start checking the shelves around February and set aside a Sunday afternoon. Just make sure you don't have the sniffles when you're reading it, or you might get a little fearful of the consequences. :)

Added Later: This would make an excellent book club read. Lots to discuss and consider...

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Lizzy said...

looks good! i'll def check it out!