Monday, August 10, 2009

... Preparing for Hawaii

Our hotel is booked (finally!). It took quite a while to find one location that had everything we wanted. I don't think we're particularly choosy, however, there are a lot of teal walls and rattan furniture in Hawaiian hotels and we were hoping to find something a little more updated. We did.

Though it was already in our price range, I called the hotel directly to ask what their rates were. My experience is that the hotel will oftentimes quote lower than the websites. They did. Mr. Nice-Guy-At-The-Front-Desk gave us $40 off the cheapest on-line rate. x10 days and that's $400 plus tax in savings. Whoo Hoo!

Next comes working on the tan. I'm not a fan of laying around in the sun, but I don't want us to burn on day #1 and have a miserable time thereafter. So this past Sat we took a few hours and visited north beach. That's when I discovered I hate dolphins.

I was wading in, barely up to my knees and not planning to go any further. But then a pack of 15+ dolphins were swimming by so very close. So I waded out further. I was enjoying them until *whack* a big wave knocked me over and caused my practically new prescription sunglasses to fly off my face, never to be seen again. That's why I hate dolphins. I don't know if I'll ever get over it.

Then today, the books I purchased as beach reads while in Hawaii came in. I'm positively giddy with excitement over them. Is that strange? Is it strange that I smoothed my hands over the covers & sniffed the pages? Do I need help? Don't answer that.


Lizzy said...

you're too funny, michelle! I actually got a book in the mail today too! ...but I have to admit ~ I did not sniff the pages or run my hands over the cover! hee hee. have an absolute blast in Hawaii!!

Jessica Rockey said...

You are hysterical and crazy, friend! You are the polar opposite of me... I think that's why I love you so much! All of your crazy dollar saving/ planning schemes... love it.

I must admit that I DO sniff the pages of new books... doesn't everyone?

Bethany said...

Oh fun. What a great time you will have. Aaron and I want to plan a trip there next....with it being so close to us and all.

Love that you sniff your pages

Lizzy said...

btw, did you take the pic of the dolphins??