Thursday, February 05, 2009

... Rachel Ray's Vodka Pasta

Back before Libby made the trek out west, she, Dave, Jason, and I used to have regular dinner parties. We'd alternate houses and come up with themes. We had lots of fun.

One of these nights, Libby served a fabulous Vodka Pasta crediting Rachel Ray as the creator of this particular fine meal. Apparently, this Vodka Pasta had some sort of magical love potion causing it to earn the name You-Won't-Be-Single-For-Long-Vodka-Pasta.

A whole slew of women had written to Rachel Ray claiming that soon after serving this meal, friends would become boyfriends or boyfriends would become fiances.

We had a laugh at this antidote and enjoyed our meal and evening.

A few months later, I had company in town and needed a yum and simple meal to make. Remembering the Vodka Pasta, I whipped it up & served it to my guest. And wouldn't you know it, that particular guest shortly after turned into my boyfriend, and later down the road, my husband.

Now, I'm not one to believe in the magic of food. But I do find it humorous that after serving this meal, I never was single again.

I just thought I'd mention it.

{Photo Credit Belongs to Ree Drummond}


Paul, Jess, Elise and Baby Boy LeValley said...

Well...what I want to know is did you serve this dish on purpose? :) I am going to pass along this bit of magical knowledge to a few of my single friends!

Lizzy said...

okay...i'm not gonna lie...i remember hearing the hulabaloo about this EXACT recipe and i immediately copied it down in order to make it for Luke (who happened to be just 'boyfriend' status at the time). Single Girls everywhere - It REALLY works!!! hee hee.

Jennifer said...

Wow- that's some powerful pasta. Maybe good for a Valentine's Day dish? I'm planning on cooking at home that night. Hmmmm...


Libby said...

That's right baby! I'm so happy you gave me a small piece of credit to your marriage. It's a good day.

anne said...

UGH. I'm a sucker for GOOD italian. yum. DEFINATELY trying this thanks!
and ps-
1.your last post= NOT FUNNY.
2. Like the new look of the blog. I dig.