Thursday, February 19, 2009

... the Meat Counter

A conversation overheard while standing at the meat counter of the local grocery store:

Guy A: "Hey yo, whaz up?"
Guy B: "You da man! Waz up? Waz up?"
Guy A: "Whaz goin' on?"
Guy B: "How you doin'?"
Guy A: "Whaz new yo?"
Guy B: "Word"

Entire conversation.
Beginning to end.

that's what I thought too.


Anonymous said...

Would you prefer it if everyone in the world were the same? Just sayin'.

Catherine said...

I'm just shocked at you at the meat counter... the meat counter??? Sheesh.

Aunt Carrol said...

Hey, anonymous! Man up! and identify yourself...That's a drive-by....Michelle doesn't deserve that.
Just Sayin'..

Lizzy said...

i agree with the above comment...

Libby said...

Good memory! Or did you have your pretty list paper with you? :)

Anonymous said...

Was it Norfolk? You know that's how it rolls around here!