Sunday, September 07, 2008

... My Ponderings of Late

If it's unethical to end a child's life by aborting it...

isn't it unethical to end a child's life by denying it health care?


Jessica Rockey said...

Answer: Yes... definitely

AmyB said...

I'll second that. What got you thinking about that?

Michelle said...

I got to thinking about it in regards to politics. Democrats want to provide health care for all American's and though Republicans are pro-life regarding abortion they against the health-care-for-all idea stating that they don't want the rich to have to pay for it.

Two things that just don't make sense to me:

1- If a person is pro-life, it seems that would extend to all areas of life (war, public policy, health care, poverty) not just abortion.

2- As evangelical Christians make up a large part of the Republican base, it seems odd to me that those that say they follow Jesus are more concerned about their money than they are about helping the poor receive health care -- which appears to run counter to what what Jesus taught.

What do you guys think about this seeming disparity?

Sarah said...

Obama does not support health care for babies who survive abortion! Even NARAL dissagrees with him! Also, Obama's healthcare plan for kids is to mandate all parents to buy into his plan, and thereby be mandated to do healthcare his way (i.e. no choice about vaccinations, etc). Healthcare needs reform, but his plan is terrible.