Tuesday, September 23, 2008

... the Flip Side

I received a card this weekend. It said "bridesmaid...bridesmaid...bridesmaid" then when you opened the card it said "bride, woo hoo! your turn!". Actually I received two of them. And the second one had a handwritten note saying "I've had my eye on this card for a while." Thanks guys. ;-)

Well, it is true. I've been blessed to be in many friends weddings. And with that, plan many a bridal shower. This past weekend was my turn to be in the "hot seat" -- opening the gifts and having everyone look at me -- as my closest friends threw me a bridal shower.

A highlight was the gift my mother made me.
It's praying hands and she included a very sweet letter giving it even more meaning.

And this is me announcing that my intentional breaking of the ribbon was for my mom. She's never pressured me to give her grand-kids, but I know she wants them.

As I look through the pictures from the shower, one thing occurs to me. I open my mouth pretty wide and quite a bit. You know, in an animated, excited kind of way. Well, you probably do know -- if you've been around me any length of time you've probably seen it. I've just never seen it and I'm learning something new about myself here.

See- like decorative napkins. I never realized I got so excited about them!

Or BBQ Sets? Apparently they amaze me!
Well anyhow, it was a perfectly relaxing afternoon. Until someone pointed out that the wedding was in 3 weeks. Woah. Really? That got the blood pressure going a bit. How can I possibly be getting married in only 3 weeks?

ps- thanks Christen for taking the pics... wait a minute? Did you intentionally take them when my mouth was wide open? You sly dog, you?!


Marie Hughes said...

Hi Michelle, I'm so glad to see pictures from your shower and to see that your mom was there. How special! The girls and I were very sad to not be able to come but are in great anticipation for the "three weeks" to come quickly. Love you!

Bekah said...

Michelle...yes...you do open your mouth alot! haha! I so wish I could've been there! =0( But I cant wait to be at YOUR wedding! WOOHOOO!!! Love you!

Katie Virginia Battaglia said...

that's funny! wow! three weeks!!!! enjoy every minute, i loved those last few weeks!!!

anne said...

What a great shower! :)
Three weekaroos?!!! Insane...but enjoy them and have a blast at your wedding. I can't wait to see pics and how beautful we all know you will be!

Anonymous said...

So happy for you! I'll be praying for you and Jeff. :) Can't wait to see you!


Anonymous said...

I am very glad you liked your gift, Michelle. I was rather nervous about that. I am also glad we got to spend time this weekend. I know you will be busy when we are all there for the wedding. Love ya. Mom

wendy said...

Congrats Michelle!! So glad you are enjoying these last few weeks. And love the new background on the blog.

Sarah said...

Decorative napkins ARE very exciting :)