Wednesday, September 17, 2008

... Crabbing

Situation: It's a beautiful sunny day. Late afternoon. You and your fiance are putzing around the house with no real aspirations. "What's for dinner" you muse aloud. "Let's have crab cakes", he answers.

A few short hours later: You're dumping the crabs you caught into a pan of boiling water and preparing the rest of the ingredients to make crab cake.

Yes folks, one of the joys of living in Hampton Roads is access to water. Lots of it. Everywhere. And Virginia is not just for lovers, but crabbers. (Agh... um... Does that even make sense?).

Many a Sunday afternoon this past summer you could find Jeff and I riverside at our special spot -- pulling string and netting crab. It's such a relaxing activity and an ideal way to spend a lazy Sunday.

Crab cakes, she crab soup, crab quiche... all things we've tried already but if you have a good recipe for crab something-or-another, please share. Our bellies are listening.

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wendy said...

I just love that you can do that...oh to catch some crab!! How awesome is that! My suggestion would be plain...old bay while cooking and just dig in...Enjoy some for me k?