Tuesday, August 12, 2008

.... Shark Attacks

I have a friend who won't swim in the ocean for fear of sharks.

It'd be one thing if that just meant she didn't indulge in the local beaches, however, she regularly vacations in beautiful Florida.

So it's not unusual that I thought of her when I saw this fact in the NY Times recently.

"Throughout the world last year, there was a grand total of one fatal shark attack (in the South Pacific), according to the International Shark Attack File at the University of Florida."

There you are Marie, only one fatal shark attack.

Does it make you feel any safer? :)


wendy said...

So, did it say how many were not fatal? I love the ocean, but would rather avoid the sharks too.

Marie Hughes said...

okay michelle, you've done it - I have no choice but to come out of the blurking closet and into the world of comments in order to defend my phobia. first of all, your quote said only one fatality but what about all the other random attacks that sharks do to surfers, boogie boarders and swimmers thinking that they're seals. Hey, I watch Shark Week every year!!! (Did you know the bull shark can also be found in river estuaries and a little further?) Secondly, have you ever seen an aerial photo of the gulf beaches - there are sharks lurking -I mean swimming - all up and down the coast. But I will have you know that I have overcome my fear just a but this year after getting caught in a rip tide. If it wasn't for Mark Eakes and the lifegaurd I think I would of drowned (at least it felt that way to me)but after getting out of the water it dawned on me with excitement and I told a friend "I didn't think of sharks at all". So although I won't let the kids go past the sand bar (shark feeding ground) and I don't prefer to be the furthest person out in the water I think I am making baby steps.

Michelle said...

haha. Yay Marie! :-) I'm glad you were able to enjoy the water more.

That's true, it didn't address attacks at all, did it?

I should admit, for the record, I don't go into the water either. Not because of sharks though, but because I just think it's mucky & unclean. An admittedly lame reason. At least yours is founded on an educated decision. hehe.

AmyB said...

Yeah, I'm wondering about the billions of people who are maimed each year after being attacked...personally, I'd rather be the dead one :-) Hmm, yeah, I've seen those arial photos too Marie and I don't go in the water either! Although, last time we were in Sarasota, I did swim in the water a bit. Granted, I could still stand up (even though I know that sharkies attack even in water only coming up to your knee)...baby steps here. Heck, I feel like we've both made progress. Last time I went in the water Brian had to carry me on the back ('cause I don't want any crabs gettin' me either) :-) Sooo...3 cheers for Marie!!!

AmyB said...

Ha ha ha, I meant to say, Brian had to carry me on his back :-)

Mimi said...

Marie humbly forgot to mention that she was in the water because about 20 of our kids were caught in the riptide and could not make it back to shore. She bravely charged in and rescued them:)