Wednesday, April 02, 2008

... Wine

I don't know about you, but when I go to the wine store to pick up a bottle, it's purely a shot in the dark. I've no idea which brand, location, grapes, or years are better than others. I'll admit I've even chosen bottles based on how attractive their labels are. Sometimes I'm lucky, others not so much.

I do happen to have one favorite that I'll share with you: Rosemount Shiraz. I tasted this one Christmas at Heathers house. Mmm. Worth the $9 (I know, big spender huh.)

What I'd really like from all of you (this means you) is a wine recommendation. Brand, year (if that really even matters), type and why.



Ashleigh said...

Michelle, I really like Moscato D'Asti wines. Actually, they are about the only type of wine I actually enjoy the taste of. They are sweet and bubbly. I can't remember my favorite (seeing we haven't bought it in awhile now that I'm pregnant) but it has a dark blue label. They range between $15 and $20 a bottle.

Mrs. K. V. Battaglia said...

if you want to try a delicious dessert wine, Robert Mondavi's Moscato is to die for!!! (that's the kind that Ashleigh was talking about I think. We've tried others, but really like Robert Mondavi)

We like Robert Mondavi in general. Especially his red wines. Anything red (whether its Mondavi or not) that is at least five years old should be great right out of the bottle. Anything younger, you may want to put in a decantur (sp?) or let it air out in the bottle for 30minutes or so.

If you've ever had a red that is kind of bitter, it may because the "boquet" hasn't been released. That's why letting it air out helps. But if you let an older wine air out in may go flat really fast.

Hope something in there was helpful...

hosanna said...

One of my favorites is Blackstone Merlot, it has a nice, smooth finish.

Catherine said...

That's funny you mention the Rosemount Shiraz - you know I never really liked red wine until I had that very type? It's fabulous. Good choice, Heather! Actually most Rosemount stuff is decent in my opinion.

Apart from that... I'm really enjoying Ravenswood recently. Good Cabernet and Merlot. Yum!

drrishi said...

Michelle, Barbourville wines are excellent..they are a Virginia vineyard and I visited it last month because I wanted to find out why they all tasted so is because it is a first class privately owned vineyard. The owners are Italian and have thousands of acres of vineyards in Italy..they bought the land here while visiting in 1976 and matched European grapes to the soil in the Shenendoah valley. State of teh art operation..Robert in Norfolk

Les said...

I love the reds... on a super special occasion you would be swept away by any year of Shafer Cabernet's!

mindy said...


I concur with the comment about Barboursville wines..delicious!!! For anyone looking for a great dessert wine, Barboursville's Phileo is top notch! Another VA vineyard that is outstanding is Gray Ghost. My favorite booth at the VA Wine Festival.

Finally, a very pleasant white (just had it last night) is Ruffino Orvieto Classico. Delicious! Semi-dry with apricot and honey (at least to my palette) overtones. This is going to be party of my collection from now on...and it's under $10!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm with you I buy ones with pretty pictures! That is how I determine my wine! Sorry no advice here...that why I like the wine house. p.s. the tap house down the street has some good cider beers that tastes like wine.

anne said...

I have a few...

Just to let you know...I hate white wine, espcially riselings...but love a nice red,dry wine.

Alice White Cabernet Sauvignon $6
Amano Primativo (hard to find but I love it) $10.
Chateaou St. Jean Fume Blanc. YUM

As my Dad always says;" you don't have to spend a lot for a good wine."

Good luck on your hunt. Oh and I just got the latest issue of food and wine magazine which has cheaper wines featured!

Bethany said...

I keep a running list in my phone that way when I like one I just pop it in then when I am at the store with my mom brain fart I can actually remember...well not really remember but pull up my list. HEE HEE. I really like red wine that is something that has come with time....use to like white more. Not that I don't still enjoy white it is just I prefer red. HEE HEE. But I do buy white still....Aaron doesn't like red. Okay I am rambling. Can you tell I need some adult conversation and a glass of wine right now? I don't always write down the date....but when I have I have posted it here...I know it has an effect on the taste due to how the grapes produced that particular year. You know when we go out to eat and when I hit the wine section at the store I pick the brain of those serving/stocking.

So here are some of my favs

Rodney Strong Merlot

Frei Brothers Cabernet Sauvignon

Souverain Merlot Alexander Valley

Alexander Valley Vineyards 1998 Pinot Noir Alexander Valley Wetzel Family Estate (Pinot Noir is nice because it can really go either way in terms of what type of meat you are eating)

Louis Jadot 2005 Beaujolais-Villages

If you like sweet white here are some of my favs...I pretty much like my whites sweet otherwise I would rather just have red

schmitt sohne riesling all time fav and family fav

Fetzer 2006 California Gewurztraminer

Beringer White Merlot 2006

Happy drinking. HEE HEE

Robert Mondavi Riesling

Bethany said...

Oh I forgot two buck chuck!!!!
Charles Shaw Chardonnay don't really care for the Charles Shaw reds

Michelle said...

Wow! You guy really came through for me. Thanks for the great recommendations. Now I wont feel so silly wandering the aisles of the wine store.

I think I'm going to follow Bethany's idea and start writing down the ones I like when I find them.

Kimmy, I love the Winehouse. They are great about letting you taste a few before you decide. Also, I think one night of the week they just have a tasting night where you get to sample all the bottles that were opened from the previous nights. Wanna go??

Leslie said...

Any Pinot Noir or Cabernet from the Russian River Valley is extraordinary. It is also called Carnereos. We honestly have never had a bad red from that region. Also saw that movie about the lost boys and thought it was beautifully sad and amazing. I still think about the differences in our culture and have made more of an effort since watching it to be welcoming and inviting to my neighbors. And to truly not judge. Thanks for this post.

The Urban Eater said...

Lindman makes a really good everyday Shiraz. I think it's a bit better than Rosemount nad its cheaper!