Sunday, April 20, 2008

... My Date With Rachel

In the past year both Rachel and I have become interested in sewing. So it seemed only appropriate that for her 12th birthday date with me, we tackle some sort of sewing project.

Out of the dozen or so options I presented her with, she chose to alter a beach towel to include straps so you can roll it up and sling it over your shoulder to carry around. I'm not really surprised that she chose that project as this girl is lucky enough to spend weeks at a time on the beach.

After we hit Target to pick out the towel, and Joanns to pick out the fabric (she was impressively decisive by the way), we headed back to my place. To kill time while the materials washed and dried, we walked to a secluded bird sanctuary in my neighborhood to enjoy the sun and flowers. While we were there we met a guy named Alex who pointed out 2 wild bunnies. Both full-grown rabbits were surprisingly relaxed at our presence.

With additional time on our hands, we continued on to Starbucks and then a local outdoor art show. Finally, the materials were ready to be measured & cut,


and sewn.

The final product turned out really well and is modeled here by the lovely Rachel (who happens to be at least an inch taller than me by the way). TaDa!

Thanks Rachel, I had a ball hanging out with you for the afternoon. :)


Marie Hughes said...

thanks aunt michelle i had a blast!love you!!!!

abbey said...

What a fun afternoon..and creative project! Great idea!

Bethany said...

can i have a date with you!!! Man she has gotten all grown up....

Reaghan said...

aww that looked fun! how great is your life?!?! haha
how have you been?

anne said...

Fun project!
Can I have a date with you too?

Michelle said...

Yeah! Let's all get together for a craft date. I'm up for it! :) hehe.