Friday, April 11, 2008

... Gluten-Free Girl

A few weeks ago I completed a new favorite in the line up of food books. With a flair for describing food akin to Ruth Reichl combined with a desire to eat as whole, complete, & healthy foods as Heidi Swanson, Shauna, aka Gluten-Free Girl, has become my new friend.

Thank you Wendy for the recommendation.

Though I don't have celiac disease, Shuana's food theories and lifestyle match mine. I admit, she's living them more fully than me, but I get just as excited about good food as she does and plan to try out a plethora of her seemingly stunning meals. She's even got me wanting to move to Seattle so I can frequent the food markets she speaks of.

Thisis definitely a book worth reading.


wendy said...

Hey Glad you liked it! I have had the same thoughts about moving to Seattle for the food venues...Charlie doesn't want to live in so much rain! Oh well.

We are going to check out this little shop soon

Jessica Rockey said...

Yeah, Wendy's got me interested in that one as well. I'm trying to get mostly organic when I shop... Meat is the next big thing for me to switch to organic. Hmmm.

Leslie said...

Def going to check this one out looks outstanding! I have two friends who can't have any gluten so this would be a great gift for them!

Lizzy said...

wow! amazing blog...she's a beautiful writer too! thanx so much for sharing!!