Thursday, March 20, 2008

... a Little Slice of Heaven

Earlier in the week I happened across a cookie recipe that caught my eye:

Lime Meltaways.

It sounded worth a try... oh boy, am I glad I did.

It was one of those recipes that require you to refrigerate the dough for a while then slice it and bake it up. So this morning, my dough sufficiently refrigerated, I sliced four little cookies to bake.


These made my tongue so happy that I'm afraid I may eat all 10 dozen cookies by myself. Today. Within in the next hour.

Tossed in confectioners sugar, your mouth receives a bit of sweet before you've bitten into buttery goodness and it's crumbling, nay, melting onto your tongue. Next, bang! It's an explosion of tart lime flavor. And sadly, before you know what hit you, it is gone and you are reaching for another. And another. And another.

Ah, even the sound of chewing was music to my ears.

It's an experience people.
A little slice of heaven, I'm certain of it.

(Photo Courtesy of Martha Stewart Living)

Update: When I first made these cookies I was using Trader Joe's brand organic powdered sugar. Today I ran out and picked up a generic bag at The Market. While still tasty, the cookies made with the generic brand were sadly lacking. The high quality Trader Joe's powdered sugar offered a few extra levels of flavor causing your taste buds to sing. In my opinion, it's wise to track down some Trader Joe's Powdered Sugar, but just a thought.


dancebythelight said...

I LOVE those cookies. They've been a family favorite for a while, especially in the summer.

Felicia said...

Yum. They look incredible.

AmyB said...

Ok, so here's my question...when are you bringing them over? :-)

Judy said...

Yum. Sounds good!

Michelle said...

So... when I first made these I used Trader Joe's organic powdered sugar. Then I ran out of that brand so picked up a no-name bag at Harris Teeter.
So not the same. While still good, I think since powdered sugar is such a main component, it's wise to splurge on a good kind. Just a thought.

Rebekah Judd said...

I love your descriptions. I feel like I've enjoyed them already! Thanks for the TJ tip.

chris fogal said...

I have a similar recipe using peppermint bits. Mint meltaways also very delicious.

Catherine said...

Mmm. Sounds yum. I'm with Amy - when you going to make me some?

Jessica Rockey said...

Great baby shower snack..ummmm I can't wait!

Michelle said...

Mint Meltaways Chris?! Send that recipe right on over!

Well gals (the local ones anyhow), I will be making a batch for you to try this weekend. I've sent the beau to TJ's to try to get another bag of their confectioners sugar. Let's hope they have it in stock so we can all experience how much God loves us by giving us these cookies.