Sunday, January 06, 2008

... Lemon Meringue Pie

Mmmm... just like my Grandma makes. Well, almost.

Up next week: Bananna-Blueberry Pudding from scratch. Ams, you comin' over?


anne said...

can I come too? :) LOOKS FABULOUS!
btw- I tried your black bean lasagna this weekend! HUGE hit here! THanks! :)

Lizzy said...

wowzers! now where's the recipe for this delectable treat?! ;o)

Anonymous said...

That not only looks good but was very good when we ate it! Perfect blend of sweet and tart. Thanks for having us over last month.

Mike N

Michelle said...

Anne- sure thing! I'll save a piece for ya. :) Glad you liked the lasagna. Seems to be a hit everywhere it goes. Mmm. Maybe I'll make that this week too.

Lizzy- The recipe came from the Gourmet cookbook. Since all parts of it (crust, filling, meringue) are homemade it would be a VERY long and complicated comment, but check out the cookbook. Everything I've made from it so far has been great.

Mike- Thanks! Glad you were able to make it. We look forward to having you over lots more!

Bethany said...

looks yummy

Bekah said...

i want some