Tuesday, December 04, 2007

... Eating Well

Since so many of you expressed an interest in the Super Natural Cooking book, I thought I'd share about a food magazine that I've found wonderfully helpful and delicious this past year:

This too was a gift -- this time from Mike and Jennifer. They know I enjoy eating good, flavorful, healthy food.

There are quite a number of food magazines out there so I'll just share a list explaining why this one stands out to me as a cut above the rest.

:: It comes out every other month. This means I actually have time to read the articles and try the recipes before the next issues comes out.

:: There are colorful photographs for each recipe. Pretty much a must in my opinion. I'm much more likely to make a dish if I can see a picture of it beforehand.

:: It's simple. Not overstuffed with cards & advertisements and articles you'll never read.

:: Teach + Try. They have interesting articles on a highlighted food, followed up by a variety of recipes and ways to try it out.

:: They highlight seasonal foods. By sticking with what you'll find in the grocery store or farmers market that month, you won't be enticed to make a dish only to find that the main ingredient is at the end of its season and in poor shape.

:: They have this super duper, handy dandy, recipe index in the front. I love this thing. It lists every recipe in the magazine sorted by type (appetizers, side dishes, poultry, etc). They have the page #, the nutritional information, and then a symbol to denote if it is a "Healthy Weight", "Low Carb", "High Fiber", or a "Quick Preparation" recipe.

So, if you're strumming your fingers trying to come up with enough items on your holiday wish list, or if you've been thinking to yourself 'What would she like...'. You may just have found your answer. I certainly enjoyed it!


Catherine said...

Sounds awesome! I'll have to pick up a copy :)

Felicia said...

This sounds intriguing. I will check it out. Thanks for the link :)