Saturday, August 19, 2006

... South Africa - The Wedding

Pierre and Mia (or Pia and Mia if you have an English accent) were wed on the last evening of our safari.

Cathy stood as best man for her brother while Mia's sis was her maid of honor. The bush wedding was planned in a matter of weeks so there was no time for the bride to be stressed about details. She freely gave most of the planning responsibility to the event coordinator at Tanda Tula. They did a fab job.

The ceremony took place under an Amarula tree in the far reaches of Dr. Hugo's property-- near the Kruger National Park border.

A few chairs, a few dried leaves, a photographer, and a minister was all that was needed. No rehearsal, no plan. Like I said, very relaxed.

Mia drove in on the tracker seat of a landrover which was a breathtaking sight. She started weeping as soon as she saw her friends and family.

There were only 30 people in attendance so I felt very fortunate to be there.

Following the ceremony was a dual reception-- sundowners at a dam and dinner at Tandala - the family camp attached to Tanda Tula. Check out the food presentation. Stunning.

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