Tuesday, June 20, 2006

... Puffy

When in DC this past weekend, I caught a movie called The Puffy Chair. Written by brothers Jay and Mark Duplass, staring Mark & his fiance Katie, filmed by Jay, and financed by & featuring the Duplass parents, The Puffy Chair is a super low budget feature film.

Touted as a twenty-something relationship comedy, the highlight of the movie is the dialogue. The script allowed for improvisation which added to the feeling that this was an actual couple going through actual relational issues. But then again, they were an actual couple and, who knows, maybe those were real issues. I wouldn't be surprised. I caught myself laughing out loud a number of times through the movie. The kind of laughing you do when you know what is going to happen, not because it's predictable so much as because you've been there. You've been in that situation. You've thought those thoughts. You can relate. Be it disappointment in things not turning out the way you'd hoped, desperation and anger at a situation you have no control over and no more tolerance for, or those silly late night talks that seem like such a big deal at the time.

The movie is currently only playing in a handful of theatres but if you're near one of those, check it out. I've already sent an email to The Naro asking them to check into showing it. If nothing else, I just feel a need to support and promote this indie movie. Perhaps it's in anticipation of Selle Productions first feature film which, by the way, I've already been cast as a stunt double. :-)


bekahanne said...

michelle...i just wanted to say...that chair looks awfully cozy...wanna get me one of them??? LUV YOU!!!

Charissa said...

Dare I even ask?????

Bethany said...

Sounds fun...the movie and you being a stunt double someday.

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Bethany said...

Girl I have been hearing some rumors over here!!!!!!! ;)

Bethany said...

Come on does the rumor mean you have to be MIA now. BOO HOO.

Catherine Marie said...

Yes, I agree with Bethany. I miss your blog entries!
Didn't you just go on a cool vacation with that crazy South African friend of yours? Let's hear about them baboons :)