Tuesday, May 02, 2006

... A Substitute Teacher

That's me- the substitute teacher. A friend of mine was out of town and asked me if I'd fill in for his classes. I said yes. Three literature and one logic class. It was sooo fun. The kids were great- easy to lead in discussion, fun to prompt into play acting. We covered everything from Henry IV to Cyrano De Bergiac to Lord of the Flies to Suduko. So when I'm ready for another new career, perhaps I'll look into teaching... ;-)

Tonight I'm off to a film festival at the Naro. Some good friends of mine- Dave & Libby- directed, produced, and shot a music video (click on "see the video") and it's being shown.

Speaking of music videos... here are some stills of Peter's band- shot during their final performance at the Norva.


Ashleigh said...

So, is Peter's band going their separate ways? More details ... I know Ted would be interested.

Also, the film festival at the Naro ... brings back such memories! I miss Virginia! :-)

Ted Slater said...

I would have loved to have seen this show. I never did see Peter in concert, though I did buy his band's CD! You don't know how Peter's latest recording went, do you?

Michelle said...

Yes Ashleigh, Subject to Change has indeed changed. Peter found a financial backer for his own project & has moved to Northern VA to write and record a demo cd. He actually just finished the recording part yesterday. One more week of mixing and he'll be ready to promote it. I'm trying to hook him up with Dave & Libby (Selle Productions) so they can do a music video for him. How cool would that be! I'll put more info in the blog when I know details.

In other news- I'm totally looking forward to seeing you at NA this month Ted! I heard you're getting the guys together. I know you'll have a great time!