Friday, March 24, 2006

... Dark Chocolate Goodness

It lowers blood pressure. It's full of antioxidants that gobble up free radicals. Moreover, it just plain tastes good. Mm. I'm eating a delectable dark chocolate truffle from Harry and David right now (thanks Kelsey).

I got an email this week from my "Friends at Mars, Incorporated". It was in response to my plea for the return of Dark Chocolate M&M's. They were here for limited time to promote the Stars Wars movie (return to the 'dark' side). Why do they do that? Limited time. Well, I don't pretend to have anything to do with their decision, but I am here to inform you that **da tah da daaaa** Dark Chocolate M&Ms will be making a permanent return July 2006. *Raaahh* *Cheeerrr* *Yeaaaah*.

I sign off now to compose an email to Kit Kat.


Ashleigh said...

You go, girl! I love dark chocolate! I missed trying the dark chocolate M&M's, but come July, I will!

Did you ever try the limited edition dark chocolate Reese cups? They were the best! I was addicted, until they stopped making them. But I'm suddenly feeling inspired. Maybe I'll have to follow your lead and write Reese.

Bethany said...

Okay I am missing all the dark chocolate. I love both dark and white chocolate...although I guess if the dark is better for me I better stick with that. Can't wait to try the M&M's!! You will have to send us all a reminder in July!

Charissa said...

ditto on the m&m's - can't wait to try them!

Anonymous said...

Um, I remember the dark chocolate kit kats. If I recall, Michelle, you foraged through the local Food Lion to stock up on as many as you could find. I'd like to see them return so you don't have to hoard them in the freezer for months on end....while you're at it, could you write a note to the resee's company and see about the white chocolate mini reese's cups? I have a great dessert using those little beauties, but I can only bake them once in a blue moon. Love the blogs!
Your former roommate